Acharaya’s Talk at New Era Public school Chinmaya Mission Jhansi.

In the morning session of 23rd sept.2017 Br. Raghavendra Chaitanyaji, Chinmaya mission Jhansi  delivered a talk to the students of New Era public school and gave them tips on being ideal students. After lightening the lamp and archana of Goddess Ma Saraswati, Raghavendraji on the basis of the Booklet    “Life is yours, You can use it or lose it” by Param Pujya Guruji Sw. Tejomayanandaji, explained how success can only be achieved by hard work and dedication. Only those students who want to develop their personality and improve need teachers and schools. Only the humble can in true sense gain knowledge. He inspired the students to strive for excellence in their respective areas of interest by quoting from the famous epic Mahabharta where it is advised to overcome obstacles in performing your duties and selfless service by invoking the power of prayer and devotion to the Almighty Lord.

Chinmaya Mission members Mrs Chanda Arora and Mrs Deepti Gulati also participated in the event which concluded with the vote of thanks by the founding Director of the school Shri A. K. Ghosh.

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