Anjali Rose Sinanan, Toronto, Canada

Dearest Guruji,

I would like to express my deepest love and gratitude onto your feet on this very auspicious day.

It has been so long since I had last seen you but, I remember your radiant smile that shines like that of Sri Ram himself.

Your melodious voice that lit up the halls of our Shivalaya with love and devotion,
Your Satsangs explained each topic so beautifully and simply and helped us see the true essence of the lord.
Now we see that same very Lord in you, our dear guruji!

You guide us along a path of true realization and will continue to be the light of knowledge and love that wipes away the darkness and ignorance of this world.

Hopefully soon I can come visit you in India and sing a bhajan for you!
A very very Happy Birthday to you once again!

With much love and devotion,
Anjali Rose Sinanan (From Toronto,Canada)

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