The Mission's Ashrams are very conducive for camps, retreats, reflection and rediscovery.


The Ashram

Inaugurated on Shri Tapovan Jayanti in January 1963, Sandeepany Sadhanalaya was established as, and remains, a Vedanta institute dedicated to the intensive training of future monks, acharyas, and sevaks of Chinmaya Mission. Sandeepany in Mumbai was the first of many institutes formed by Swami Chinmayananda, who personally taught Chinmaya Mission's very first Vedanta course.

The ashram (pronounced 'saandeepanee saadhanaalaya') is named after Rishi Sandeepany (pronounced 'sandeepanee'), the guru of Lord Krishna. 'Sadhanalaya' means the abode of sadhana, or spiritual practices. A rare and serene oasis in Mumbai's busy metropolis, Sandeepany is a natural, picturesque home away from home.

Exquisitely situated on a hill overlooking Powai Lake, it is only 20 km from Mumbai's buzzing city life. In the late 1950s, Mrs. Tara Swarup, a devotee of His Holiness Swami Chinmayananda, donated seven acres to build the ashram. Tara Cultural Trust (TCT), which administers the ashram, was registered in January 1960.

The Sandeepany ashram can presently provide residential accommodations for over 250 people. Visiting acharyas and devotees stay in one of the three large hostels or the seven-storey 'Chinmaya Vihar' residential building.

All classes are normally conducted in the ashram's main lecture hall, 'Saraswati Nilayam.' 'Annakshetra' is the ashram's large kitchen and dining hall.


Lord Jagdeeshwara Temple


The ashram temple is home to Lord Jagadeeshwara (Lord Shiva) and is popularly called by the locals as 'Shiva Mandir.' Over 100,000 devotees offer worship here on the sacred festival of Mahashivaratri.

Built atop a hillock, the temple was inaugurated in October 1968. The temple's outer crown is a 34-foot high Shiva Lingam that be seen for miles around. The temple is holy ground and ideal for worship and meditation. Evening arati is conducted regularly in the temple, as is satsanga when Mission acharyas are present.

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Shrine of His Holiness Swami Tapovanam


At the entrance of the ashram is a breathtaking monument that displays on one side the blissful and meditative statue of His Holiness Swami Tapovanam, and on the other, the stone emblem of Sandeepany Sadhanalaya.


Shrine of His Holiness Swami Chinmayananda


The ashram's most blessed nook is Pujya Gurudev's three-room kutia (home), where he periodically resided throughout his travels, and which has been maintained to date as a shrine. Here, spiritual seekers the world over come to pay homage and to sit in solitude, meditate, study, or bask in its pristine silence. Before the kutia stands a majestic and dynamic statue of the spiritual master.


Administrative Offices


Sandeepany Sadhanalaya also houses the offices of Central Chinmaya Mission Trust (the apex body of Chinmaya Mission Worldwide), Chinmaya Publications (print, audio, and video publications), and Balvihar (the Mission's international monthly magazine for kids).



Tara Cultural Trust
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