Chinmaya Mission Cleveland March 2020

Jnana Yagna, Hanuman Chalisa and HOli Celebration, Chinmaya Mission Cleveland – Mar1 – Mar 8, 2020

Chinmaya Mission Cleveland (CMCLE) hosted their 4th Annual Hanuman Chalisathon on March 7th, 2020, highlighting a week of festivities including Holi celebration, Jnana Yagna on Niti Shastra by Vivekji and the annual Volunteer Appreciation dinner.

Holi was celebrated with colors and fireworks, and Vivekji began the Jnana Yagna with the phrase “Whatever a great person does, other people tend to follow”, emphasizing on the Art of Leadership. Practicing Vedanta is to think more deeply and how to think is more important than what one thinks, making them more independent. In true Guru-Shishya parampara, this practice is best passed from a Guru who has already experienced it. Highlighting the differences in “Active” vs. “Passive” leadership, the character and nobility of Chanakya was articulated and what it takes to be a great “Active” leader. The Jnana Yagna was concluded with showcasing the difference between ‘Sacrifice’ (leaving a lower to reach the higher), and ‘Compromise’ (leaving the higher for a lower).

The Hanuman Chalisathon was celebrated with chanting the Chalisa for a cumulative total of 108. Attracting over 100 people, 139 sponsors raising a total of $15,000, thanks to generous contributions from the community. In its 7th year, the CMCLE family continues to grow and increase its program offerings. Over 75 Sevakas and Sevikas attended the annual volunteer dinner marking an end to the week of learning, sacrifice and celebration. The CMCLE chapter seeks to continue its service to the community with the blessings of Gurudev.

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