Chinmaya Mission Delhi: Yajna by Swamini Vimalananda

The July month’s yagna at Chinmaya Mission Delhi was conducted by Swamini Vimalananda, yet another brilliant disciple of Swami Chinmayananda. She is a member of the Educational Cell of the Central Chinmaya Mission Trust and Director of the Chinmaya Vision Programme. She is also in charge of Chinmaya Mission Coimbatore.

The yagna proceedings began in the traditional way and Swamini was received with Purna Kumbh and Arti. She was then accompanied to the stage by Swami Nikhilananda Saraswati. Our special guest Shri Anand Mohan, Land and Development Officer, Ministry of Urban Development also joined them on stage. The mood for the yagna was set by the perfect rendition of Ganapati Vandana by Gaurav Mitra. After thanking Gaurav the President Mrs Parveen Bahl welcomed Swamini Vimalanada to Delhi and requested Neelu Dauletsingh to accompany Swaminiji, Swamiji and Mr. Mohan to light the lamp which symbolises removing the darkness of ignorance with the light of knowledge. She then went on to Introduce Swamini Vimalanda to the gathering. The guests and Swamiji were honoured with floral garlands. Swaminiji then proceeded to the Vyaspeeth to begin the discourses.
She started by throwing questions to the listeners like are you a Hindu by birth belief or by practice. What are Hindu beliefs? This had the gathering participating with enthusiasm. Before explaining about Dhrama and how it is so often misunderstood as religion, Swaminiji first explained what a Sampradaya is and the four main characteristics that go to make a Sampradaya.
The question which had everybody eagerly listening in was the wrong belief about Hindus having many Gods. Time and again she stressed that God is One forms are many.
The discourses continue every evening 6.30 to 8pm till 12th July. All are welcome to attend.’

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