Chinmaya Mission Orlando Jnana Yagna by Swami Bodhatmananda

Chinmaya Mission Orlando was honored to host Swami Bodhatmananda from Jan 15 to 21, 2017. Swamiji arrived on the morning of Sunday, Jan 15 and was given a ceremonial welcome by Balavihar children and other devotees. He started his visit by addressing all the children during the morning assembly before they dispersed to their respective Balavihar classes and then delivered two talks on Hamsa Geeta. During the following week, the schedule consisted of morning talks on Mandukya Karika (Advaita Prakarna) and evening discourses on Hamsa Geeta. By mixing in humor and anecdotes, Swamiji was able to explain even abstract concepts in a manner that was well appreciated by the audience and accordingly, both talks drew a large throng of devotees. Swamiji also held a special session with CHYKs and high school children wherein he offered practical advice targeted toward their particular stage in life and also dealt with questions posed by some of the children. It was a homecoming of sorts for Swamiji since he began his spiritual journey as a seeker many years ago in this very center!




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