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Immediate, Humane Patient Care at Affordable Costs

Chinmaya Mission Hospital (CMH) has earned the reputation of the 'Friendly Neighbourhood Hospital' and located at Indira Nagar, in the cosmopolitan city of Bangalore, India. Serving all cross-sections of society and surpassing all language barriers, this multi-specialty hospital offers its best with the help of nearly 100 consulting specialists.

CMH began, grew, and continues to operate, on the generosity and unstinted support of patrons, donors, and Chinmaya Mission devotees. Its goal remains to live true to its motto, and to provide at affordable costs the latest and the best facilities and services in all fields of medicine and surgery.



In 1960, a small but an ardent group of Mission devotees hired a room in a slum area in Murphy Town, Bangalore. Therein, they began conducting a biweekly medical clinic for the poor and needy. This was the humble beginning of today's 200-bed capacity of Chinmaya Mission Hospital (CMH).

When Swami Chinmayananda heard about the Murphy Town project and its volunteers, who included Sushila Purushottam, Kamala Reddy, Prafulla Iyengar, Mrs. Dassanachar, and Mrs. Yogam, he was pleasantly surprised. Pleased with their service, he gave them a cheque for Rs.500! He said, "Why not! This gives me an idea of starting a hospital," and this is how the seed for CMH was sown. Funds were collected, land was purchased, construction was planned, executed, and in 1970, Swami Chinmayananda officially inaugurated CMH.

The number of beds increased to 50 in 1979, and the paediatric ward commissioned an additional 13 beds in 1981. As the years passed, there was a growing need to expand the facilities to serve more patients. In 1993, CMH became a 100-bed hospital, serving all who walked through its doors.

Once, when discussing expansion and funding, Swami Chinmayananda said, "An organization needs funds and workers. Our Mission has workers, but we are always in need of funds. However, our faith in the goodness of our programmes is so powerful that we have never hesitated in launching programmes. The Lord always drives His messengers to reach us with the required funds at the most appropriate time. This has been our experience over the last 40 years!"

On November 6, 1999, CMH extended its ceilings, floors, walls, staff, and heart to become a 200-bed hospital with the most modern equipment and facilities.



CMH offers 24-hour emergency care and x-ray, laboratory, pharmacy, and ambulance services. Its departments include general medicine, surgery, dental surgery, obstetrics and gynaecology, orthopaedics, ophthalmology, ENT, dermatology, psychiatry, physiotherapy, and paediatrics. CMH also offers specialization departments, such as vascular surgery, laparoscopic surgery, neurology, neurosurgery, gastroenterology, plastic surgery, oral maxillo and facial surgery, and various fields in dentistry.

The five well-equipped operation theatres, ten beds in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), five beds in the Step-down ICU, and six beds in the post-operative ward, all have continuous monitoring facilities. The maternity ward has facilities for round-the-clock foetal monitoring and handling complicated deliveries.

CMH also accepts and administers interns who are international medical students wishing to get hands-on experience of a unique and riveting practice of applied medicine.


CMH Welfare Fund

Over 20% of the hospital beds are in 'Concessional Wards,' where services are deliberately priced very low in order to serve the poor and needy. The free Outpatient Department for the poor sees around 30 patients daily. CMH's Welfare Fund, which accepts donations from all donors, helps subsidize costs and provide free treatment to the poor.

CMH also provides children with free immunization every Saturday. Its supplemental, free medical clinics do similar work in the neighbouring villages of Hoodi, Byappanahalli, and Chinnappanahalli.



CMH is an outstanding example of successful, cooperative outsourcing, all of which is available on hospital grounds. The Sapthagiri Digital Imaging Company provides specialized tests, including 24-hour Spiral CT and MRI scans. The NU Hospital provides nephrology (dialysis) and urology services. Narayana Hrudayalaya, a well-known cardiac hospital runs the Coronary Care Unit (CCU) and provides CMH with 24-hour cardiology services. The Chinmaya Lasik Vision Centre has a retina and glaucoma clinic and also offers Lasik eye surgery. The Dhruva Imaging Centre provides X-ray Imaging services round the clock.





In 2007, CMH undertook an ambitious expansion plan. The construction of a new building for the Outpatient Department and a lecture / seminar hall has been completed. There are plans for additional 50 beds, a library and the promotion of the installation of Gamma-Knife, currently the most advanced form of radiotherapy. The installation of the Gamma-Knife is expected to be completed by 2008.

CMH is also researching the construction of state-of-the-art operation theatres, for which it will rely on the munificence of its patrons, donors, and Mission devotees.


Chinmaya Institute of Nursing

The Chinmaya Institute of Nursing (CHIN) is a highly reputable component of CMH, offering a three-year diploma in Nursing. Approximately 30 nurses graduate annually from this institute. CHIN will soon be upgraded to a Nursing College that offers a four-year Baccalaureate degree in Nursing, at which time, the number of accepted students will also be increased. CMH and CHIN take great pride in their calibre of nurses, for the programme is highly intensive and disciplined. Post-graduation, wherever they have professionally worked or served, CHIN students have earned accolades for themselves and CMH's academic programme.




Contact/Support CMH

Patrons wishing to support CMH may do so in numerous ways, which include offering monetary donations, subsidized financial aid, medical services, medical equipment, medicines and administrative or other services.

Medical students wishing to participate in an internship at CMH should send an e-mail request, and mail in a formal letter of request and current medical transcript.


Dr MR Chandrashekhar, Medical Director
Mr Asvatha Narayana, Chief Executive Officer
Chinmaya Mission Hospital
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Karnataka, India
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