5 day course on SandhyaVandan Vidhi: Chinmaya Mission,Ponda

Start Date : 2 Jan 1970   TO    End Date : 01 Jan 1970 

Dear All Hari Om! Pranams!

Chinmaya Mission Ponda Invites Batus for

5 day course on

Sandhya Vandan Vidhi

Under the guidance of

Swami Sughoshanandaji
( Acharya Chinmaya Mission Ponda)

Dates: Sun 24th to 29th May 2015
Time: 10.00am to 11.00am

Venue: Chinmaya Aradhana Ashram, Near LIC Office, Khadpabandh, Ponda Goa.

N.B. Those children whose thread ceremony is performed can join the course. For details cont. 2313699.

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Facilitator : Swami Sughoshananda
Type : Courses
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