Guru Purnima celebrations at Chinmaya Kirti

Start Date : 20 Jul 2016   TO    End Date : 19 Jul 2016 

Join us on 19th July 2016 for a wonderful celebration and an opportunity to pay homage to all the Masters and lineage of acharyas for their love and guidance.

Guru Purnima, also known as Vyas Purnima, is the day celebrated in remembrance and veneration of sage Ved Vyas. He is the Adi (original) Guru, who classified the Vedas, wrote the eighteen Puranas and the Mahabharat.

Guru Purnima is the day to acknowledge and revere one’s Gurus, those who have, with total compassion, removed our ignorance and shown us the path of enlightenment and liberation. We will hear Pujya Gurudev, Swami Chinmayananda speak through video, and offer our hearts and minds at His feet through a paduka puja. We will also reflect on how the revered Guru can touch our own lives such that it can result in total transformation.

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