In The Footsteps Of Giants – The Saints Of India

Start Date : 2 Jan 1970   TO    End Date : 01 Jan 1970 

Hari OM!

NOW is the time to announce the Seventh Global CSaints Of India GCC 7 PosterHYK Camp - In The Footsteps Of Giants - The Saints Of India!

Each year, Swami Swaroopananda gives youth from around the world the opportunity to take part in the Global CHYK Camp in the beautiful and serene campus of CIRS, Chinmaya International Residential School in Coimbatore, India.

From exploring the symbolism behind our deities and the great Hindu epics to engaging with the highest truths about the nature of reality, the mystery of death and the path to self-realisation, each past global CHYK camp has been a unique and transformational journey for each and every attendee.

This global camp runs for 7 days providing you with the time, to switch off from your busy life, and have the pleasure of completely immersing yourself in the knowledge given to us by Swamiji through his talks as well as discussions and tailored activities.

The magic of global camp is not a coincidence. Why? Because camp is designed to ensure you have dedicated time for reflection, and a compassionate Guru such as Swamiji, who explains the highest of knowledge in words and examples that we can relate to. Add to this a genuine yearning for self-development, which is in all of us, and you have a life changing experience. Not to forget all the participants get an opportunity to come together with like-minded youth, creating many long-lasting relationships and getting connected to an international network of inspiring CHYKs.

In the upcoming global camp, Swamiji will focus on 7 great Saints of India, their attributes, their struggles, their devotion and the positive impact they have had on society. Don’t miss this opportunity to spend time in the highest satsang (company of good people) as Swamiji takes us on a journey to encounter these great individuals and to draw inspiration from every aspect of their lives and teachings.

Are you ready to come and walk in the footsteps of Giants and leave your imprints in the sands of time?

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Australia Shubham Bhaskar (Melbourne)
India Sandeep Mirpuri
New Zealand Br. Adarsh Chaitanya
Singapore Malaysia & Far East Jitin Kapoor
UK Preet Majithia
USA & Canada Shailee Tanna
All Other Countries Shubham Bhaskar

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