Pujya Guruji’s Visit : Chinmaya Gardens

Start Date : 2 Jan 1970   TO    End Date : 01 Jan 1970 

Chinmaya Gardens announces Pujya Guruji's annual Programme during the 13th Dharma Sevak Course at Chinmaya Gardens. Guruji will be arriving at Chinmaya Gardens on Wed. 18th Aug. in the afternoon and will leave on Fri.28th Aug. in the morning. Pujya Guruji will be taking Isha Stuti (his own composition) for the very first time in the evenings and Panchdashi Ch.4 (Pancha Kosha Vivek) in the morning, also for the first time. On Sunday 23rd Aug there will have a Vigraha Puja of Lord Krishna after which Pujya Guruji will be offering his Vani Puja to Lord Krishna as  Bhajan Sandhya titled "Akhilam Maduram". The Vigrahas will then be given to the yajmans as Prasaad by Guruji.
Divine Discourses1 Bhajan Sandhya

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Facilitator : Swami Tejomayananda
Type : Camp
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