Residential camps on Maths

Start Date : 17 May 2016   TO    End Date : 22 May 2016 

Dear Teachers, Students & Friends,
Since last 6 years we have been doing a National-level residential camp Vedic Mathrix at Chinmaya International Foundation (CIF) in April on ancient Indian Mathematics. This year we would be having two more residential camps in Pune.
The idea of these camps is to show the application and use of ancient Indian Mathematics in modern day scenario.
For example, in the camp Simpli5 at Chinmaya Vibhooti, Kolwan (Pune), the topic of Magic Squares and Katapayadi number system will be explored further to try and see how it can be applied in areas like Cryptography. 
In Vedic Maths camp at Chinmaya Maauli, Pune, numerical techniques in Vedic Mathematics will be discussed along with games and activities. 
In Vedic Mathrix camp at CIF, Cochin, the topic of Yantras (mystic diagrams) will be discussed along with certain other interesting topics in Geometry and Numbers. Yantras have been a part of Indian culture and their geometric constructions are mind boggling. The camp will give an opportunity to understand the underlying mathematical structure that makes the geometrical figures mystical.
Why these camps?
Just because these are topics that are not easily available to learn for the lay man.
Who will be benefited from the camp?
Anyone who have a flair for Mathematics will be benefited from these camps. The Vedic Maths camp at Chinmaya Maauli is also suitable for those who fear Mathematics.
About the locations
Chinmaya Vibhooti - a 65-acre serene campus on top of the hills near Pune.
Chinmaya Maauli - a 2-acre campus at Lohagaon, Pune
Chinmaya International Foundation stands at the the birth place of the great philosopher Adi Sankara in a 10-acre plot
Learning at such serene environments outside the confinement of a classroom is something that has to be experienced.
Below are the flyers that carry more details. Should you know anyone who might be interested, please share it with them. The camps are open for children as well as adults. For any further details, feel free to get in touch with the email ids given on the flyer or to me on +91 9820509484.

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Centre : Central Chinmaya Vanprasth Sansthan


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