Vedanta Course (Tamil – English) 2012 – 2014

Start Date : 01 Jan 1970   TO    End Date : 01 Jan 1970

Sandeepany Vidya Mandir, Coimbatore announces an intensive residential Vedanta Course of two-year duration. The students will live the life of sadhaks as per the guidance of the Acharya in line with the ancient Gurukula System. The candidates selected for the Vedanta Course will stay at the Sandeepany Vidya Mandir at Chinmaya Gardens, Coimbatore, India, during the course of the training period (2 years). There will be no holidays during the course. The typical day schedule will consist of Vedic chanting, Meditation, Vedantic studies, Sanskrit studies, Bhajans and Satsang, and Shramadan spread over the day from early morning till late evening. Vedantic texts such as Bhagavad Gita, Upanishads, Prakarana-granthas authored by Adi Sankara, Vidyaranya and others, Sanskrit, as well as Bhakti Literature like Ramayana and Bhagawata will be studied in depth. Students will also get an overview of all the six Darshanas (philosophical systems) of India and the basics of world religions.

The course commences on September 2, 2012.

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Other Details

Facilitator : Swami Sivayogananda
Type : Courses
Venue : Sandeepany Vidya Mandir, Nallur Vayal Post
City : Coimbatore
State : Tamil Nadu
Country : India
Charges :
Centre : 827 : Chinmaya Gardens


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