MY Exams – Manage Your Exams

Hari Om! Brahmachari Ved Chaitanya (Chinmaya Mission Navi Mumbai) conducted a workshop at North point school Koparkhairne for standard 10 students to ease the tension of exams from the mind of the students. It was an interactive session where students learned a lot of things. Following are some of the points covered.

Plan your work and work out your plan! Students were asked to make a practical timetable and act according to timetable so that there would be no tension before exams.

Have a balanced life! Further, students were also expected to have a balanced life during exam days so that they remain healthy & cheerful.

Be calm & focussed! While writing the paper, they need to be calm (not panicking & focussed on one question at a time (& not thinking about the result).

After the session students were seen free of tension; ready to face the exam.

MY Exam - North Point School 1

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