Gyan Yagna by Swami Advaitananda at CM Guwahati

Gyan Yagna by Swami Advaitanandaji - Inauguration_72The most awaited Gyan Yagna by Swami Advaitananda in Guwahati was inaugurated on 10th Dec’14 and continued up to 14th Dec’14. The morning text was “Adi Shankara’s Aporakshanubhuti” and the evening text was “Sundar Kanda” from Ramayana. The devotees who turned up in numbers braving the December’s cold were hugely inspired with Swamiji’s lucid deliberations on both the texts. Swamiji’s discourse linking the texts with real time application and with lively examples enlightened the participants with the learning of tips for a happier life. During his stay Swamiji also blessed the Executive & Devi Group members  and advised how individually the members could contribute to the growth of Chinmaya Mission for the benefit of society and spreading happiness.

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