Meditation workshop at CM Delhi


On June 18, a day-long camp was successfully organised by Chinmaya Mission New Delhi on the ‘Theory & Practice of Meditation’. Through a brilliant mix of lectures, stories, bhajans, and practical lessons, Swami Prakarshananda explained the meaning of meditation, showcasing its magic and unraveling its mysteries. A group of about 300 participants, of all ages, was kept fully engaged. The range of questions they put to Swamiji reflected their curiosity and understanding. To tackle the day-to- day challenges of modern living, we need to utilise the power of meditation, which alone increases inner strength and creates peace and harmony.

         Swamiji pointed out that meditation is a precious art, to be honed through determination, enthusiasm, practice and patience, adding, “Wherever your energy flows, that grows.” Hence it was entirely up to us to decide what we wished to enhance and improve. Since the mind is a “bridge between the intellect and the body”, it is important to operate from a positive platform and keep it stable. Only then, can we imbibe scriptural knowledge. Elaborating on the need to understand one’s various roles in life, Swamiji stressed, “The most important role in life is to be a good human being; to know the demands of other roles and perform them to the best of our ability.” The ultimate take-away from the innovative course was two-fold: one, the seeker should have no attachment to his actions, and second, as one focuses on self- improvement, expectations from others should be avoided. ‘Change yourself since you cannot change others’ was the message that reverberated with everyone.

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