My Happiness spiritual retreat at Chinmaya Vibhooti

From 23rd to 25th November 2018, a group of members of Rotary Club Kandivli West (Mumbai), and their friends and relatives, attended a spiritual retreat at Chinmaya Vibhooti, taken by Swami Swatmananda. The retreat was titled “My Happiness” and Swamiji guided the enthusiastic group through thought-provoking interactive sessions, yoga, silence, meditation, a movie workshop, Q&As, and lots of memorable and happy moments of inspired learning. The Rotarians and friends also enjoyed the spiritually-charged ambience at Chinmaya Vibhooti where they visited Chinmaya Jeevan Darshan, Swanubhooti Vatika, and all others areas. They were served sumptuous meals which they relished together, over lots of sattvic bonding and reflection. The group went back home after the retreat with only positive things to say, eager to apply the teachings received, and just as eager for the earliest opportunity to come together for more spiritual retreats through Chinmaya Mission.

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