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Pujya Guruji releases Anusaaraka book
Language Resources Development Guidelines for Anusaaraka
Date : 17 Feb, 2010
Pujya Guruji Swami Tejomayanandaji released the 'Language Resources Development Guidelines for Anusaaraka' book at Sandeepany Kailas, Hyderabad on February 10, 2010. Anusaaraka is a Machine Translation cum Language Accessing software being jointly developed by the International Institute of Information Technology (IIIT), Hyderabad; Hyderabad Central University's Department of Sanskrit Studies and Chinmaya International Foundation (CIF) - the academic and research wing of the Chinmaya Mission. This Anusaaraka software shall translate English text to Hindi. Anusaaraka is unique in the sense that it applies concepts from Maharishi Panini's Sanskrit Grammar (Ashtadhyayi) in the development of the software. Work in the Anusaaraka project can be divided into three aspects: (1) Software Development-actually coding of the software. For this knowledge of software programming is necessary. (2) Application of Sanskrit Grammatical concepts to map grammar of English and Hindi and establish connections. In-depth study and understanding of Sanskrit Grammar is required to do this work. (3) The third aspect of Anusaaraka project is called Language Resource Development. Any individual who has comfortable knowledge of English and Hindi; an interest in languages and one who is looking to do spend some time on seva, can contribute to this aspect of the project. The Language Resource Development Guidelines book gives the step-by-step procedure on how one can contribute to Language Resource Development. These guidelines are already being used by volunteers; and have actually evolved and been improved over time with inputs from such volunteers. Speaking on the occasion Pujya Guruji mentioned that the Anusaaraka project is unique and wished everyone contributing to the making of Anusaaraka all success. Pujya Guruji specifically congratulated Br. Vineet Chaitanya who pioneered this project and aims to demonstrate the application of traditional Indian knowledge in the contemporary world. Individuals who can speak English and Hindi fairly comfortably and are open to doing some exciting work with languages are invited to take a look at this book. The book shall be available at CIF. For placing orders for the book please write to: anusaaraka@chinfo.org
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