Swami Swaroopanandaji’s Trip to Singapore 2017

Date : 22 Mar 2017

Swami Swaroopananda not an unfamiliar face or voice here in the tropics, and yet He seemed completely different with a renewed zeal, a more commanding impact and an irrefutably heightened Presence. 
Choosing currently relevant subjects like Yoga and Meditation and expounding them through the eyes of Krishna and the words of Sri Adishankaracarya in houseful evening and morning sessions, He took the already rain pounded Singapore by storm. 
Busting myths unabashed and ripping through erroneous notions about these hugely life-transforming gifts of India to the entire world, He had believers and non-believers listening on in jaw-dropping awe and reverberating silence. 
In spite of a packed schedule, as always, Swamiji made sure He spent time with every one of His devotees and their families conducting soulful Satsanghs that made His trip truly memorable for one and all on a very personal level.
Coming to Singapore for the first time after being appointed Global Head of Chinmaya Mission, devotees inhabiting this little red dot couldn’t be more reassured and fired up to stand with Him to carry forward the grand vision of India’s most revered Guru parampara
                       -Mrs. Avanti Kundalia.
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