Pujya Swami Swaroopanandaji’s visit to Sydney, April 2017

Date : 10 Apr 2017

CHYKs around Australia eagerly assembled in Sydney, lamps in their hands, lighting the way for Pujya Swami Swaroopananda to begin his first CHYK camp as Global Head of Chinmaya Mission. The two-day camp, “Be Happy” was filled with joy, laughter and inspiration every step of the way. Swamiji led the youth through the ‘anatomy’ of happiness, our misconceptions about happiness, and irrefutable logic in the scriptures. Various other highlights included a hilarious laughter therapy session with Swami Shrikarananda (Resident Acharya of CM Sydney), mindfulness through dance, discussion groups and skits, and of course the lifelong friendships made.

The air was charged with eagerness as Swamiji then took a five-day series of free public talks on ‘Yogas of the Geeta’, based off the teachings in the Bhagavad Geeta. In this day and age, ‘yoga’ is one of the most popular words and fads, used liberally and casually, to mean a variety of exercises and positions to reach the goal of good health and relaxation. In Swamiji’s witty, humourous, and inspiring style, we came to learn answers to the following questions: What really is yoga? What is the state of yoga we all are striving to reach? What are the different paths to yoga and thus realisation of the Self? Swamiji systemically and logically taught us the various paths of yoga as expounded in the Bhagavad Geeta including karma-yoga, bhakti-yoga, jnana-yoga, ashtanga-yoga, and dhyana-yoga.

Swamiji’s one-week whirlwind trip to Sydney was all too short, and it was a bittersweet farewell. But we are all inspired and motivated to apply this timeless wisdom of Vedanta to our lives, which Swamiji has made so accessible, palatable and applicable to us.