Pujya Guruji’s visit to MSSS Patiala

Hari Om.

Pujya Guruji visited Modern Senior Secondary School, Patiala.

The days events started with the school band escorting Guruji for the cultural program put up by the students. Ms. Nanki Singh, Trustee of the school introduced Guruji to the children and teachers. Shri Jujhar Singh – Chairman and trustee and Ms. Anjali Singh, Ms. Indu Shrikent, Ms. Kala Ramnath,  Ms. Aishna Sharma Chulani, Shri Chetan Sharma members of the School Managing Committee and devotees of Chinmaya Mission were also present. The cultural program presented included the primary school children singing nursery rhymes written by Guruji and the Aarti by Guru Nanak Dev ji. The skits invoked a love for God.

Thereafter Guruji addressed students of classes 6-8.
Speaking to students of classes 9-12 Guruji shared the 6As for success: Aptitude, Aspiration, Ability, Application, Attitude and Altar of dedication.

For the children of classes 3-5 Guruji told a story indicating how all work can be dedicated to God.

In the evening Guruji planted a sapling and had a session for teachers in which Guruji pointed out that the purpose of Education is manifesting the divinity in a person and to develop love for God.

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