Stay Ahead

The Heart of Success
Stay Ahead

Different people respond
differently to obstacles.

  • do not take on great work
  • give up when faced with.

A rare few PERSIST and are successful.

We think successful people
never have difficulties or obstacles.

HOWEVER…The Truth is…
great goals have…great impediments.

Obstacles cause people to:

  • lose confidence
  • become impatient
  • feel frustrated

Unable to persevere…
they lose energy.

Each one DOES have expectations…
BUT often when difficulties arise…
we give up the chase…

RESULT…our best never surfaces…
these feelings also become obstacles.

A problem is what we perceive
when our focus shifts from the goal.
Then…even minor obstacles appear
enormous and immobilize us.

Successful people never allow
Problems to discourage them.
They know:

  • streets will have traffic
  • roses will have thorns


  • plan for obstacles
  • control impatience
  • know where obstacles lurk

When knocked down they…
bounce back with renewed…

Obstacles become…
stepping stones to GROWTH.
Failures a means to SUCCESS.

AND even if they lose everything
They know their mind is with them.

Successful people
RETAIN their confidence.

For them:
‘Determination’ is ‘I MUST’.
‘Patience’ is ‘I WILL’.

The heart of success is…
stay ahead of all obstacles!

– – Swami Tejomayananda

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