Swami Advayananda’s Jnana Yajna in Jaipur

Blessed indeed were the members of Chinmaya Mission Jaipur who had
amongst them the erudite scholar of Vedanta and acharya of CIF Veliyanad,
kerala, Pujya Swami Advayananda from 4th to 8th September 2018.
Adept in the pedagogics of a subject as profound as Advaita philosophy,
Swamiji explained Nasadiya Sukta or Hymn of Creation, from the Rig-Veda, in
the morning sessions and Bhagavad Geeta Ch. 15 in the evening sessions.
Yagna was ceremoniously inaugurated with shanti path and lighting of lamp.
President Mamta Mansingka welcomed Pujya Swamiji and all the seekers
Dealing with the Pralaya kaala, Srushti kaala, and stithi kaala paramatma,
Swamiji explained how this Creation came to be.
In the evening, explaining the 15th chapter of the Bhagavad Geeta which is a
summary of the entire upanishad, Swamiji said that Krishna the greatest
strategist compares our lives to the ashwattha tree.
The realm of our life, our complexities is metaphorically presented as an
ashwattha tree, and just as an tree can be cut, so can we with the blade of
dispassion sharpened with the discrimination(Viveka) detach our mind from
the lower in the persuit of the Higher. SwamiJi explained what is the Supreme
State & steps in spiritual path to reach it.
On the last day Secretary, Chinmaya Mission Jaipur Dr. Uma Acharya
presented the vote of Thanks.
It was a blissful spiritual feast of Supreme Knowledge for the seekers of

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