Swami Bodhatmanandaji’s visit to Singapore

Chinmaya Seva Centre Singapore welcomed Swami Bodhatmananda for a series of 4 talks on “Living Vedanta (Vedanta Cintanam)”  at the centre from November 9 to 12.

Swamiji started the series of talks by enticing our attention through a very beautiful example in which a teacher systematically using branches of a tree points to the crescent moon.   Then he threw light on our cluttered mind, by taking us from one branch to another telling us we are not this body, mind, intellect, nor this ego, the individuality. Finally, Swamiji beautifully portrayed what our vision or darshan of this world should be. The talks were well attended and the devotees offered a samsti bhiksha after the conclusion of the talks.

Study group members made the best use of Swamiji’s visit.  Swamiji kindly gave a lot of time for them, as he conducted 5 sessions with study group members, and with others who were present during bhikshas.  Swamiji answered specific questions relating to text they are studying like Amrit Bindu Upanishad, Tattva Bodha, Hanuman Chalisa, and on mahima of chanting.

Swamiji was the chief guest for graduation day of the balvihar children between age 8 to 13 held on November 12. Swamiji with his humourous stories and melodious bhajans kept around 300 children engaged.  He also addressed the parents highlighting the importance of sending their children to balvihar, and urge them to participate in all our mission activities.

Swamiji released a 75-page souvenir book written specially for balvihar children on life and journey of Pujya Gurudev.  The book contains questions and answers about Pujya Gurudev’s life, His Gurus, His teachings, and about His work and mission. Swamiji said that the book can not only be used as source material for conducting quiz on Pujya Gurudev, but also could be taken up for study on journey and life of Gurudev in senior balvihar classes. Swamiji was so kind, he presented to each child personally a copy of the souvenir book.

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