Swami Sharanananda , CM Chicago, Badri

Pujya Guruji we bow down at your lotus feet again and again. Let Pujya Gurudev’s blessings and Lord Badrinarayanji’s blessings keep Pujya Guruji healthy and loving.
We pray Pujya Guruji to accept this sevak as Pujya Guruji’s sandals, so that the sevak can serve Pujya Guruji/ Pujya Gurudev without the ego showing it’s ugly head all the time. There is a beautiful absolute confluence of Pravriti and Nivriti, Bhakti and Anjana, love and firmness, involvement and detachment… in Pujya Guruji. We feel blessed to be in Pujya Guruji’s all encompassing compassion. Harih Om.

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