Management is an important aspect of life, in professional life and in the corporate world. Management education gives a holistic perspective taking all stakeholders into account. It helps in the effective completion of a task — be it planning, organising, communicating, executing, or reviewing. India is rich in talent but poor in management. With the ever-growing population and limited resources, the country requires visionary leaders, good governance, properly functioning systems and effective managers. In fact, with depleting natural resources globally, this seems to have become the age of management. Swami Chinmayananda made an outstanding contribution by interpreting ancient Indian management principles making them relevant to modern times. The master plan of his life was to spread the eternal flow of divine knowledge to the masses - fulfilling the thirst of a nation and its future generations. Inaugurated by Swami Chinmayananda in 1975 as Chinmaya Institute of Higher Learning in Bangalore, Chinmaya Academy of Management offers education based on an Indian ethos in management. It is a national and international Institute of excellence in leadership studies and research in management that inspires new generations of leaders with values anchored in Indian Heritage.