Inner Peace for World Peace Absorb the teachings of Vedanta, until they become the very essence of your spiritual existence. Live every word conscientiously. You change! And the world around you will change. - Swami Chinmayananda

The vision of Chinmaya Vibhooti is to promote the inner transformation of spiritual seekers through Vedantic knowledge, spiritual practices and social services, thereby promoting a more harmonious and holistic world. This three-fold objective has been aptly summed up by Swami Tejomayananda: ‘In order to motivate people by showing them the Vision, and to inspire them to work for it in their daily lives, they must get Vision, Inspiration and Practice in Chinmaya Vibhooti, which is why it is our VIP centre!’
‘Vibhooti’ means ‘glory’. Chinmaya Vibhooti is a light to show, keep and spread the glory of Swami Chinmayananda’s Vedantic teachings and social service projects alive and radiant throughout the world. ‘If no one knows what Chinmaya Mission stands for, then it is only natural that grass-root activities like Bala Vihar, CHYK, Study Groups and so on will lose their focus, or right direction,’ succinctly points out Swami Tejomayananda. Hence, the objectives of Chinmaya Vibhooti are to:

• Show the Vision of Swami Chinmayananda so that it is properly understood.
• Provide continuous Inspiration to remain clear and focused on the Vision. One way that this objective is fulfilled is via the many spiritual camps which take place at the Vision Centre. Since inspiration involves feelings, it is only when there is love that people feel enthusiasm and motivation to do something.
• Impart training to ensure maximum efficiency.

We want people to come here, to derive inspiration, get vision, get training, and then go back and spread this work by doing their best, by lighting up the places to which they go.
- Swami Tejomayananda
Chinmaya Vibhooti - the tree of learning gives each traveller the jnana and inspiration to learn, develop and give back to society the knowledge learnt.
- Swami Brahmananda, Regional Head, Karnataka, India