Convocation 12th Vedanta Course Sidhbari

The 12th Vedanta Course at Sandeepany Himalayas, Sidhbari from 2017-2019 was successfully completed, on the auspicious Ekadashi day, 8th Nov 2019, under the Resident Acharya, Brahmachari Visharad Chaitanya.
In the august presence of Pujya Guruji Swami Tejomayananda, and Swami Subodhananda, the students received their initiation at the Brahmacharya Deeksha Ceremony.

It gives me great joy to announce their new names below:

Students’ Old Name                      New Name
Anita                                 Brni. Kalindee Chaitanya
Ritu                                   Brni. Shambhavee Chaitanya
Ravi                                   Br. Anshuman Chaitanya
Manoj                                Br. Ashutosh Chaitanya
Yogesh                              Br. Pundareek Chaitanya
Rasananda                       Br. Aniket Chaitanya
Suyodhan                         Br. Niranjan Chaitanya
Vaishnava Das                  Br. Nandan Chaitanya

Photographs of the students of the 12th Vedanta Course are attached.

May the grace of God and the blessings of our entire Guru Parampara be with them, on their path to the ultimate goal of Self-realisation.  May their selfless, dedicated seva offered at the holy feet of Pujya Gurudev, benefit us all.

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