Lessons from Mahabharata for Modern Bharat

Start Date : 02 Jun 2018   TO    End Date : 06 Jun 2018

The Mahābhārata is an Ārṣa-Mahākāvya.The purpose of Ārṣa-kāvya is to nurture dharma,bravery, confidence, enthusiasm, and conviction for the truth among its readers which in turn leads to growth of character in the individual and society. The Mahābhārata, the grand undertaking of the master poet Veda Vyāsa, has influenced the culture of Bhārat through millennia.

One view is of the literary value of Mahābhārata,with its intricate plot, complex and archetypal characterization, fascinating interplay of the divine, semi-divine, demonic, and human, superheroic deeds, and dramatic visualization of magical weaponry. Others view it as providing a window into the life-style and culture of a bygone era. Some grant that it might contain certain knowledge aspects, but that knowledge was relevant and valid only for the ancient times.

What is disputed is whether the knowledge in the Mahabharata is relevant and applicable to the modern times.

In this workshop, the view that the knowledge is relevant and applicable in the modern timeswill be put to a thorough scrutiny and verification.From the encyclopedic coverage of knowledge in the Mahābhārata the workshop will focus on two aspects: Statecraft & Astronomy.

The workshop is aimed at students, researchers and professionals. It will provide a fresh outlook on modern challenges based on Indian cultural ethos. This course will serve as a refresher course for professionals, an idea generator for researchers and a holistic view for students. In India, with the current social scenario and the global challenges, all avenues for creative solutions should be explored.

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