Nirvana Shatakam Talks in London, UK

Start Date : 23 May 2023   TO    End Date : 25 May 2023

An incisive, thought provoking series of three morning talks by Swamini Supriyananda on Nirvana Shatakam. This composition by Adi Shankaracharya is one of the most succinct set of six verses on the state of absolute peace, tranquility, freedom and joy. It is a composition to be meditated upon and directly experienced by every sincere seeker and student of Advaita Vedanta.

23 to 25 May 2023
7.00am - 8.00am
Chinmaya Kirti, Hendon, London, UK

illustration of girl with a world on her head. Generative Ai.[/caption]

Other Details

Facilitator : Swamini Supriyananda
Type : Talk
Country : UK
Charges :
Centre : Chinmaya Mission UK


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