Online Talk – Career in Wealth Management

Start Date : 18 Jun 2024   TO    End Date : 18 Jun 2024

The field of wealth management is growing rapidly in India. There is a need for professional wealth managers who can manage and add wealth to individuals and corporations.

Against this background, the School of Contemporary Knowledge Systems of Chinmaya Vishwa Vidyapeeth (CVV) is organising a session on ‘Career in Wealth Management’ on 18 June 2024. The session will be focused on how to build a career in this industry and what our contribution is in becoming a wealth manager.

The session will be conducted by CVV faculty from the School of Contemporary Knowledge Systems, Dr. Ambily Satayan (Head and Associate Professor) and Mr. Pratheep Kumar R (Assistant Professor).

Peripheral Vision of the Orientation

∙ What exactly do wealth managers do?
∙ Who is eligible for the CWM course?
∙ Is CWM a good course?
∙ What is the duration of the CWM course?
∙ Is wealth management a good career?
∙ Do you need a CFA for wealth management?
∙ Is CWM recognised in India?
∙ How do I become a wealth manager?
∙ How to study for CWM?
∙ Collaboration of CVV with AAFM

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