Ramayana Ki Antar Gaatha (Inner Ramayana in Hindi)

Start Date : 13 Apr 2021   TO    End Date : 21 Apr 2021

CCMT like to share details of a truly unique event coming up this Chaitra Navaratri; unique because it is the first time ever that 100+ Centres have come together to organize a Jnana Yajna by Pujya Swami Swaroopananda, with 18 Centres taking the lead to coordinate with the rest!

Ramayana Ki Antar Gaatha (Inner Ramayana)
Talks in Hindi by Pujya Swami Swaroopananda (Global Head, Chinmaya Mission)
Dates: Tuesday 13 April 2021 to Wednesday 21 April 2021 (nine days)
Timings: 7:15 PM to 8:00 PM IST
Connect to: www.youtube.com/chinmayachannel

The enthusiasm and dedication shown by the organizing team in the last couple of months has been inspiring, be it in content writing, proofreading, designing, fundraising, networking, publicizing or planning activities of other kinds.

The grand prelude will be Gudi Padwa online celebrations from Chinmaya Maauli, Pune on 13 April 2021 and the grand culmination will be Shri Rama Navami online celebrations from Sandeepany Himalayas, Sidhbari on 21 April 2021! Devotees across the world are welcome to take up various Pujas and other Sevas and the registration link to make offerings is: www.chinmayamission.com/RAG2021

The global Chinmaya family is requested to encourage the efforts being made, by participating and by sharing the attached information about Ramayana Ki Antar Gaatha (given in English & Hindi) as widely as possible, via all publicity avenues available.

The link to the glorious promo video that has been created especially for the epic event is https://fb.watch/4xACyscgV3/

During this first-of-its-kind Jnana Yajna, Pujya Swamiji will also be meeting the executive committees of the 18 coordinating Centres. What's more, many of the organizing Centres will be in the spotlight before and after the talks, with video presentations and short cultural programmes being planned. A great way for audience members to get to know the global Chinmaya family!

Through the medium of Ramayana Ki Antar Gaatha on Chinmaya Channel, Pujya Swami Swaroopananda will expound the glory of Lord Shri Rama across the world. Make way for the Lord in your homes and your hearts!

Jai Shri Rama!

With Prem & OM!
In His Service,

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RAG combined English
RAG combined Hindi

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Facilitator : Swami Swaroopananda
Type : Talk
Country : India
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