The Woman Seeker Navaratri Talk Series

Start Date : 15 Oct 2023   TO    End Date : 24 Oct 2023

This year, Chinmaya Mission celebrates 65 years of Devi Group. Swami Chinmayananda inspired the formation of these groups so that women can have their own platform to dive deep into Vedantic texts, devotional hymns and openly discuss these teachings as they relate to their own lives.

On this special occasion, Chinmaya Mission announces the global book launch of ‘The Woman Seeker’. A team of Brahmacharinis, sevikas and sevaks from all over the world have come together to work on this book about 18 Devis and their journey to enlightenment.

The Devis featured in this book are from various parts of Bharat, different time periods and all walks of life - from the Vedic rishikas to wandering ascetics, from visionary composers to dharmic householders, from ardent devotees to sublime renunciates.

‘The Woman Seeker’ book will launch during Navaratri from 15-24 October 2023, on Chinmaya Channel on YouTube. The talks will be daily at 7.00 PM to 7.30 PM IST.
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This launch will feature 9 talks on Woman Seekers by Swamins, Brahmacharins and Sevaks of Chinmaya Mission, which will culminate with the formal book release on the auspicious day of Vijayadashami, 24 October 2023. After this, the book will be immediately available for purchase in India at

  Those who are abroad can fill out this form so that they can be informed once the books reach their regions:

  Wishing everyone a wonderful Navaratri. May Devi’s grace flow through us all.


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