Understand Dharma – Youth Camp

Start Date : 13 Aug 2022   TO    End Date : 14 Aug 2022

Celebrate the Independence Weekend with a Chinmaya Yuva Kendra Camp on Understanding Dharma What? Why? How? with Swami Swatmananda 13 August to 14 August 2022 (Sat-Sun) & Optional Trek on 15 August. @Chinmaya Vibhooti, Kolwan What does Dharma mean - a Religion or some duty? Dharma is all that and much more and therein lies its beauty! Why should I care for Dharma, a word that sounds so old? Practicing Dharma is a secret to making us strong and bold! How can I practice Dharma in today’s modern age? A Dharmik life is meant for all, be it a scientist or a sage! Unlock the secrets of Dharma at different levels (Individual, Country, Culture & Self) and Uncover the path to holistic excellence

Other Details

Facilitator : Swami Swatmananda
Type : Camp
City : Pune
State : Maharashtra
Country : India
Charges :
Centre : Chinmaya Vibhooti


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