What has been Chinmaya Mission's contribution to the world?
Chinmaya Mission's greatest contribution is that it has preserved and propagated the knowledge of Vedanta across the globe. Besides this, Chinmaya Mission has contributed in the social, rural development, academic and research; medical, educational, cultural fields (to name a few) – for the benefit of all. Chinmaya Mission has given millions of people the opportunity to avail of its offerings and lead more fulfilling lives. It has empowered individuals to become happier citizens of the world.
What is Chinmaya Mission's stand on the current chaotic state of the world?
Chinmaya Mission's Founder, Swami Chinmayananda said 'You change, and the world around you will change.' It is with this vision in mind that Chinmaya Mission's youth wing has planned a three-year, three-phased national programme ‘Transforming Indians to Transform India’ (TITI) - a national movement which aims to transform the core of the country with the vision: ‘My Transformation Transforms Nation.’ For more information please view the TITI page.(Hyperlink this)
What is Chinmaya Mission doing to bring about a change in the present world situation?
Chinmaya Mission Acharyas, sevaks and devotees continue to learn, share and lead happier lives so that they contribute to society one more happy individual. Chinmaya Mission also contributes in cash, kind and service in times of natural calamities. The Chinmaya Organisation for Rural Development (CORD) is working in some parts of India and Sri Lanka to empower the rural population in various ways. Please visit the CORD section for details. Through its many educational institutions, hospital, School of Nursing and grass root activities – Chinmaya Mission is impacting various facets of people's lives for making a more peaceful and happy society.