I wish to donate to Chinmaya Mission. How may I do so?
There are various ways of donating for the activities of Chinmaya Mission. You can pay by Cash, by Cheque or through On-line Payments. For more details follow the donations link on this website. In India and certain other countries, you can also get a tax-rebate on the donations you make for Chinmaya Mission activities.
Can I donate for a specific project?
Yes it is possible to do so. While making your donations, do specify clearly the activity for which you wish to make your donation.
I would like to volunteer / work with the Chinmaya Mission. How do I go about it?
Opportunities to volunteer with Chinmaya Mission are available at the local Centres and also at various projects and even the Headquarters at Mumbai, India. There are various ways of working towards the activities of Chinmaya Mission depending on how much time you can devote for them.. You can work either part or full time. If you are young and with few liabilities, you may want to work as a Yuvaveer wherein Chinmaya Mission prepares you with certain skills for 3 months after which you work for the Mission for 9 months at one of its centers. Those who are committed to give their life for Mission activities, below the age of 30 years and unmarried can join the 3-year full time Vedanta course and subsequently work for mission as Brahmachari and then as a Swami. There are also opportunities to work as volunteers for specific activities like camps or Jnana Yajnas. You may contact your local Mission Centre to volunteer / work in your area.