Spirituality is for one's old age/ a post-retirement pastime - why should I get involved now?
To lead a life of fulfillment, joy and dynamic action – one needs the foundation of values and clarity in thought. The sooner these are gained – the earlier is one able to comprehend and apply them in one's life. Thus, the need to start as early as possible. In Swami Chinmayananda's own words, “The seed of spiritual values should be sown in their young hearts, and the condition should be made favorable for its sprouting and steady growth by the exercise of proper control and discipline. Cared for with warmth of love and affection, such a tree shall blossom forth flowers of brotherhood, universal love, peace, bliss, beauty, and perfection.”
How shall I be benefited by joining Chinmaya Mission?
The greatest benefit is the access to opportunities to learn and study; thereafter to grow at one's own pace. With time, one also gains the support of the entire Chinmaya Mission family. Just as education equips a child so that he can take care of himself when he grows up, similarly, the wisdom of Vedanta prepares an individual for all life situations. Swami Chinmayananda's poetic words reveal how individuals gain from the Mission: “Chinmaya Mission will never teach you anything, but it is an organisation where we all come together to learn. The science of Realitytand the path of God-realization are the main subjects that you will learn in the Chinmaya institution There are subsidiary attempts such as sharpening your personality, blazing up your intellect, oiling your emotions, refitting your relationships, recharging your convictions, replenishing your values — in short, you’ll die, and in your place a more brilliant man will be born. If you are ready for this Self-resurrection, come to the cavalry — Chinmaya Mission. Our mission work is to replace the “beast” in us with the “best” in us.”
Will Chinmaya Mission be able to help me find a Guru / help in my spiritual progress?
Chinmaya Mission as such does not take the responsibility of helping people fine their Guru. It functions on the premise that when the student is ready – the Guru appears. Chinmaya Mission Acharyas are however accessible for getting support on one's spiritual journey.
I have already taken deeksha from another organisation – will particpating in Chinmaya Mission activities come in the way of that?
Chinmaya Mission is accepting of people who have taken deeksha from other organisations as long as the individual is comfortable about participating in Chinmaya Mission activities. Since there is no insistence on formal rituals or practices on Chinmaya Mission members, other than ensuring one's own spiritual progress – Chinmaya Mission activities should not come in the way.