Food for Thought – On Serving

Hurry is not creative. Be peaceful; be quiet. Let Him use us when He wills and what field He likes. “Let Thy Grace flow through us to the world around us”.

But you keep yourself extremely well-prepared so that when He uses you as an instrument. He should have no regret. Whenever you are afraid free, read Geeta and Upanishads. Whenever you are moving about, try to plan how you will express meanings of one verse or the other to the listeners. Thus let your mind be constantly functioning in the spiritual field thinking about the thoughts in the scriptures. Get yourself soaked with those ideas. Even your dream should be giving Satsang to others.

In every Yagna, try to outshine your previous performance in the earlier Yagna. You can, if you are, really serious to serve Him.

— Excerpt from a letter to a Swami of Chinmaya Mission by Swami Chinmayananda

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