Swami Chinmayananda, the founder of Chinmaya Mission, initiated a unique method to study Vedanta at home through easy lessons. These lessons are made available from the Chinmaya International Foundation (CIF). The primary aim of this Home Study Course is to introduce you to the timeless Vedantic Philosophy and to enable you to apply its priceless wisdom in your day-to-day life. One could choose either the postal or e-mail (online) mode to study the Foundation Vedanta Course. The materials of study for both the courses are the same, regardless of whether you receive your lessons by post or e-mail. There is no need for one to change one's faith, religion or spiritual master to do this Foundation Vedanta Course.
Course Duration and Scheme This is a one-year home-study course with 24 lessons to study and 12 questionnaires to answer. Students are required to complete 2 lessons in a month at the rate of one a fortnight.
Course Eligibility Any individual who seeks to know the Vedantic Philosophy and earnestly wishes to apply it in his life is welcome to join this Foundation Vedanta Course. It is not required for students to know Sanskrit. This is not a course for mere academic knowledge, it is rather aimed at transforming oneself.
Course Rewards The philosophy of Vedanta gives the right vision of life. It enables an individual to face the situations and problems of life, be it in his profession, family or inter-personal relationships, with ease and dexterity. Clarity of thinking and right vision of life enables peace of mind and efficient living. Spiritual seekers shall be able to understand what spirituality is all about and they could walk the path of sadhana effectively.
Course Fee (Non-Refundable) Postal Vedanta Course : Residents of Indian sub-continent - INR 5,000 Other Residents - USD 125 E- Vedanta Course: Residents of Indian sub-continent - INR 4,000 Other Residents - USD 150 Special Discount: Teachers of Chinmaya Vidyalaya - INR 750
Registration Online Registration Choose your course option (either Postal or Online) and submit your application form and make payment online. 1. Foundation Postal Vedanta Course 2. Foundation E-Vedanta Course (Online) Offline Registration Download the registration form, choose the Course Option (either Postal or Online), fill the requested details and post it with your draft, cheque or money order, in favour of 'Chinmaya International Foundation', payable at Piravom or Ernakulam.
"One key learning from pre and post Vedanta days is that earlier I felt that I should actively control my environment to get peace of mind, right now I feel irrespective of the environment my mind should always find peace for itself." – Uday Vemuri, Foundation E-Vedanta Course, Singapore "Vedanta is the only thing that has been able to change my life for the better. Blessed to receive this knowledge at a young age..." - Sheena Patel, Foundation E-Vedanta Course, Boston, USA For further details and registration please visit: href="www.chinfo.org/foundationvedantacourse" Email:vedantacourses@chinfo.org