Greetings From Chinmaya International Residential School !

I am delighted to share that CIRS has been promoted to No. 2 Rank in the country for the year 2019-20 under the category of ‘Co-Ed Boarding School’ in the Education World India School Rankings (EWISR). Last year we were in No. 4 position.

Education World ranks India’s Top 1,000 schools under three main categories (day, boarding and international) across 14 parameters – teacher competence, academic reputation, leadership, infrastructure, parental involvement, life skills education, internationalism, special needs education etc. For the 2019-20 survey, the analysis was done by using 12,223 sample respondents which includes educators, principals, teachers, parents & students. Once the magazine is released, we will come to know about the details of the parameters and our scores in these.

I seek your blessings and support in all our endeavors.

With all reverence,

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