Chinmaya Udghosh (CU) is the international magazine of Chinmaya Yuva Kendra, the global youth wing of Chinmaya Mission. It is aimed at young hearts (13-30 years), empowering them towards dynamism and excellence in expression through thought-provoking articles, cartoons, poems, posters and the like.

The word ‘Udghosh’ literally means ‘to announce or declare.’ CU readers drawn from all backgrounds of young people ‘announce’, communicate and share their thoughts though a medium which allows an outlet for inspired ideas, art, creativity and poetic expression, based on a firm foundation of healthy values. "Our readers are no ordinary folk. They are a bunch of highly empowered people with a breakthrough attitude. They all are change agents... a nucleus of influence. They are the voice of whatever they stand for. Our magazine catapults them to a state of conviction which emphatically says, 'the whole world is waiting for me.' "

- Chinmaya Udghosh Editorial Board

With 12,000 subscriptions and growing, Chinmaya Udghosh has been gaining ground and its popularity amongst youth is on the rise. It unites CHYKS all over the world and gives them a common platform to articulate their views. Subscribe today and join this unique and spirited group. Chinmaya Udghosh is now available for Online viewing. Subscribers who want to view the magazine Online Only can subscribe here.

Readers Write…

"Must say I'm really glad you have the Relative Reality article...didn't know there are others too who face life-dilemmas like I do! Thanks for providing the simple solutions... made me realise my problems aren't as life-threatening as I make them."

- Rinku, Guwahati

"The Wise Nuggets given through Sanskrit are a good addition. I get the chance to revise my Sanskrit and also get words with deep wisdom that stays."

-  Ganesh Shivaraman, Coimbatore

"The new series WILD INSPIRATION is really cool (Feb CU). Must admit at most times we overlook the obvious lessons Mother Nature teaches us. Looking forward to tuning into the wild. Also must thank CU for explaining the symbolism of Lord Shiva's form through the article on Shivaratri"

- Shriya Pal, Bengaluru

"CU Creative was a fun article to read and presented a whole new concept of looking at myself in a creative light. In fact, I always envied my friend for being creative”, but now I know that I too have a creative streak within me. Keep on motivating."

- Preeti Shivram, Hubli