Chinmaya Vibhooti, the most beautiful place,
Overflowing with Gurudev’s Grace,

Shri Hanumanji’s ‘Ever Ready’ stance,
N’ the tranquil surroundings put me in a trance.

Guruji’s teachings and Beauteous smile,
Make me forget the world for a while.

Swamis and Brahmacharis from far n’ wide,
Gently explain to us and Guide.

Devotees and volunteers milling around
‘Hari Om, Hari Om’ is the recurring sound.

Chyks and children scurrying around
Enjoying the ‘Pawan vahan’ ride they are found.

Satsang, Puja and aarti singing,
Awaken me to a new understanding.

Violins, cellos and bagpipes are playing
“We Love Gurudev” is what they are saying.

Each and every ‘Surya CHYK’
Taught us so much with their ‘Time Travel’ trick.

Culture and Tradition, music n’ dance
Offering their talent, What a Golden Chance!!

Gliding into the ‘Jeevan Darshan Center’
1916 is where we enter.
Enlightening us about what we never knew,
Bringing back Gurudev’s memories anew.
For a week we had left the race,
Going back with a clear mind and smiling face.

To My Chinmaya Home I will always return,
To give my mind the much needed churn.

Let us go back to light the Knowledge Lamp,
With what we have learnt at the family Camp.