Tribute to Pujya Guruji- A poem

Our most revered, adored Guruji:
Every moment of every day is simply good and blissful,
Why should it be otherwise, as life is simply beautiful!
It is a dream that somehow appears as a movie colorful,
I close the eyes and simply be, the silence is powerful!
When in contemplation, the heart is ever so grateful,
That through Bhagavän’s grace, this soul is peaceful!
Albeit, the pivotal role is of our Guruji, compassionate, merciful,
He is ‘Tejomaya’, karuëämaya premamaya – ever cheerful!
We bow to Thee – O Guruji, with gratitude, eyes tearful,
Supplicating for ‘his’ total wellbeing, our hearts prayerful.
|| गुरुकृपा हि केवलं शिष्यपरममंङ्गलम् ||