Words as Devotional Sandalwood Paste – Article on Gurudev

( The article by Sri.Sreekanth kottakal appeared in the Thiruvananthapuram edition of Mathrubhumi – Nagaram supplement dated 21st April 2015. Sri. A K B Nair , a very popular spiritual speaker has spoken about our Gurudev and his influence which transformed his life.Such anecdotes tune us to the lotus feet of Gurudev.)

On stage a theatre artiste at ‘Agnivalayam ‘,before IV Sasi’s camera as cine artiste for the film ‘Ahimsa’, as film producer of Daliyapookal behind the camera,amidst calculations as Income Tax officer …… these could satisfy only the body and mind of Aramana Karat Balagangadharan Nair alias A.K.B. Nair, but not his soul.

Strains of Mannampurathu Devi temple bells and mantric reverberations close to his taravad near Neeleswaram and the nectar drops from sacred books heardfrom ,Alikal Kannan Nair ,his father who was a police officer had already sown the seeds awaiting rain .It rained in the form of Swami Chinmayananda . It not only did sprout up but has grown as a giant tree , a cool pool , offering shelter to many a suffering travelers in their life journey .The septuagenarian who is a well famous spiritual speaker ,still keeps counting.

He simply considers all as an inherit from generations.During my childhood days of studies and drama what I learned from my father -puranas and puja methods were in my mind.As an employee of the IT department too the samskara remained in me. It was during that time Swami Chinmayananda arrived at New English High School for Geetha Jnana Yajna .After hearing him I turned a land wet by rain .I prostrated at his feet. As the native person I spoke to him in Malayalam. He entrusted me to handle Balavihar classes in Pune. A.K.B .Nair remembers this as his first step in the world of spirituality.

Later even though relocated to Palghat and Kozhikode the essence of spirituality remained in him. That also because of Swami Chinmayananda. At Angadipuram ,Tali temple strike Swami Chinmayananda gave a mesmerizing talk on Temple samskara. The talk in English was translated in Malayalam by the man who became weak out of fasting as part of strike- Kelappa ji . That talk inspired AKB Nair to study temple samskara in detail . When dealt in detail in depth he realized it was such pure sastra .He continued with his Ramayana rendering.

He conducted Ramayana Saptaha even at Ayodhya. Northern people came to know about Ezhuthachan through his talks. He also started Bhagavata Saptaha. He authored books on Temple samskara and Vishnu sahasranama.

Though he has traveled up and down through the Ramayana , the Bhagavat Geeta and the Bhagavata ,Rama is the ideal person for him. Moments of Rama’s life as a householder keeps him inspired. So when he chants the invocation

Sadasiva samarambham …………..

Badanarayana madyamam ………..

We hear it : sree rama sreekrishna samarambham

Vyasa sankara madhyamam……….

He feels that there is a big role for family in spiritual journey and in household life spirituality is equally important . His family sheds light in his spiritual journey .

In the Malayalee’s life he points out two dangers :increasing number of Family courts and overreaching influence of machine life .The sole solution he offers is to sow the seeds of spirituality at a very early stage. When asked how he wants to be known, he said as a bhakta because it is only under the base of bhakthi could anything shine even jnana .

Translated by : Nikhil K.S.