A Chinmaya Tribute to Padma Bhushan Pujya Guruji

We stand as one family
Overjoyed together, with pride and reverence.

We salute as a mission,
Inspired and dedicated,
Ever ready to serve
Your Lotus Feet and the Highest Purpose
Above and beyond us.

We admire endlessly
Your noble life of Devotion and Knowledge
Delighting more than what we deserve,
And loving more than we can ever know.

We seek your compassionate guidance
To keep us on the path of Truth, Auspiciousness, and Beauty.

May Thy Grace and Blessings
Melodiously  guide us
And the universe around us.

We believe that your service to Gurudev’s mission
Is the service to humanity and God,
And your love for the people
Is the Realization of the Highest Self.

We know You are our greatest Bhushan (Ornament);
Grant us the honor and privilege to adore You.

Om Tat Sat