To Grow – Attach to Detach

We have seen how dependence on material things, worldly relations, and pleasure seeking steadily decreases as our love for God increases. Interestingly as we move towards the Lord with faith, love and devotion, we automatically develop a certain amount of detachment to worldly objects.

Let me illustrate with an example taken from life. When the child is a baby, the parents buy her many toys. But as she grows to become a teenager, do we not want her to outgrow the toys and develop academic pursuits? There was a time when we happily gave her toys, but would certainly not like a fifteen-year-old girl, to carry her childhood teddy bear to school! Similarly in life, we have to grow out of desire for the lower and seek the higher and subtler. We need to distance ourselves from the ‘toys’ of the world.

The marriage of a 25 or 30-year-old person, is a happy and wonderful occasion, but when a 70-year-old man marries a 20-year-old girl, there is a feeling of revulsion. It is understandable if a 70-year old man marries a 60-year-old woman for company. Actually speaking even that is not accepted, however we can make a slight concession.

At least, at that age, should not one seek the company of the Lord?

Progressively we need to work towards a state where, we mature and grow out of our worldly desires and pleasures and seek the higher. Spirituality is that in which faith, love and devotion for God steadily increase, as desire for and attachments to objects and beings progressively decrease.


To summarize, we realize that the spirit or essence of spirituality can be practiced in any walk of life.

Firstly, as we live life, we spend some time reflecting on its meaning. We ask ourselves – Is there a greater purpose to this existence? Such a line of thinking and contemplation is possible in your family life.

Secondly, the various relationships, and numerous duties we have can be different. But an attitude of service seen as worship to the Lord can be maintained in the performance of these. In this there is no doubt.

Thirdly, we should overcome our psychological dependence on things and beings. Undoubtedly physical dependence cannot be negated, but psychologically and mentally it is better not to depend on anything other than God. So give up past regrets and let go worries of the future.

Lastly, our goal should be a state, where attachments and pleasure seeking from the world is reduced. Simultaneously love for God and longing for this knowledge is intensified. The advice above is not difficult to implement. It can definitely be done.