When Grace Descends

Living in the family fold, we have to continue our sadhana. Not only is this possible but it is relatively simple to maintain a particular attitude and spirit while performing our duties.  We are not required to perform any specific actions. Only now the same actions are performed with an altered mindset. Gradually, we overcome our psychological dependence on things and beings and proportionately increase our dependence on God alone. Thereafter, when intensity of dispassion, longing for knowledge and love of God, increases possesses the seeker completely, there is complete surrender. From then on everything is then in the Lord’s hands and He will show you the way.

Like on waking from a good night’s sleep, we are fresh and ready to begin our daily routine.  At that early hour, if we are asked to go back to sleep, we will certainly not be able to do so. Subsequently, after a whole day of working, by the evening we begin to tire. Gradually we feel the first waves of sleep begin to descend. Regardless of its call, we continue to watch TV or read a book. There then comes a time, when we do not know how, but we are totally overpowered by sleep. We are not sure of what happened.

Each one experiences this uncontrollable urge to sleep – sometimes it can overtake one, while listening to a lecture or on some occasion even driving a car. Much the same happens in life, when we continue with our sadhana; often, it appears that we are not moving forward, until one day suddenly, God’s grace descends and saturates us. Our true nature, the inherent divinity within, is revealed. We do not know what happens or how this takes place. There are no answers. This aspect of spirituality is a mystery, completely inexplicable.

We can only always perform our duties, change our attitude, and play our part. We can pray – may our every action become spiritual. May God’s grace descend and Swami Chinmayananda’s blessings fulfill our life – make it spiritual and happy.

Then, the inevitable that has to happen will definitely happen!