Have I Understood Love?

The word ‘love’ is grossly misunderstood and misused.

In fact most people do not know what love means.

Any form of ‘liking’

is conveniently termed ‘love’!

LOVE means total purity…

…where one asks for nothing and only gives and gives!

…That is the beauty of TRUE LOVE
Comprehensively Described

Love is devoid of any desires and expectations;

There can be no demands in love.


Love grows by the MOMENT.

All other so-called forms of ‘love’ become stale…

…they putrefy with the passage of time.


Real love is ever fresh, ever new! It is continual…unbroken.

Like the love for our mother…

Even when she grows old…this love does not diminish.
In true love, there is no necessity

to continually declare one’s love

…through physical demonstrations

…by hugging or giving gifts.

One simply loves and the other understands.

In a mutual tuning of minds…words are not required.


On the flip side…

…despite outward expressions and professions of ‘love’

…there may be no love in the heart.


Prompted by love one may give a gift

…but just because someone gives a gift

…does not necessarily mean that the person loves you.


Love is a subtle emotion…a subtle experience

…In attachment, there is bondage

…In love, there is freedom.