Tap into the Secret of Prayer

People often ask…


“I believe in leading a moral life and doing good deeds.

Is that not enough?”

However, to be CONSISTENTLY virtuous one requires:

ELSE…it is easily given up

We then lament,

“Why should I go on doing good and suffer

when OTHERS are not doing so and enjoying life?”

So as NOT be discouraged from a righteous life

we must UNDERSTAND the secret of prayer.

For a fan to move it must be connected to electricity.

The fan’s connection is like its PRAYER to the source of energy.

The Lord is the ultimate source of all goodness.

He provides the spiritual strength to lead a good and moral life.

One may WISH to do good

but the mind is easily distracted.

Duryodhana also knew what was right

BUT DESPITE THAT continued to live a sinful life.

Prayer is not BEGGING or presenting a list of DEMANDS

Perform your duties in life remembering God.

…With a mind thus tuned to Him

…His qualities and power will flow to you.

Often people serve society for POWER or FAME

…and if their efforts are not recognized they STOP.

BUT if we work for the Lord, we will NOT be upset,

EVEN when criticized or crucified.

Helps to REMEMBER…the beauty, strength, and talent

we have…are indeed HIS blessings and gifts.

This in turn will REDUCE our pride and arrogance.

Ravana suffered greatly, BUT his ego would not let him surrender.

A simple way to remove the ego is

…dedicate the work to God, and derive spiritual strength.

Q…what is GOD?

A…God is that CONSCIOUSNESS which makes the INERT living.

Some say, “There is no God.”

But FORGET that even the power by which they TALK is God.

Simple formula…To live in harmony with the world and oneself


…receive His blessings and with that

…gain the strength to live a life of dharma or righteousness.


-Swami Tejomayananda