STANDARDS FOR GOODNESS – AM I REALLY GOOD? To work for ourselves and achieve great things, is not laudable. But to help others to achieve their goals is an ACCOMPLISHMENT. To reciprocate goodness is common courtesy. REAL GOODNESS is…when despite being harmed …we continue to wish the person well WITHOUT any expectation in return. A sadhu bathing in the river saw an insect drowning. He saved it and was stung in return. The process was repeated… the insect again fell into the river… …the sadhu pulled it out yet again! A curious onlooker inquired… “Why did you do that?” The REPLY… “The insect did not give up its nature. Why should I?” How can we achieve SUCH goodness? To reach any target, we need a goal. Similarly, for ACHIEVING goodness… we must have a standard of goodness known to us …only then can we rise up to the required levels. So long we see differences in the world around us, TRUE goodness will NOT manifest. SUPPOSE… The finger goes into the eye… there is instant forgiveness… because of complete identification with the finger. WE KNOW… Every organ of the body is part of one whole. Goodness can be achieved only when we are established in our ONENESS with the world.

-Swami Tejomayananda